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CST for Babies and Children

Creating a Lifetime of Good Health for your Child

All ages of children can benefit from this gentle therapy.  CranioSacral Therapy can help your child overcome birth traumas and other acquired health challenges.  CST also boosts your childs' immune system helping them to stay healthier. Give your child the gift of a healthier childhood with CST.

Infant/Child (0-6 yrs) Evaluation Session  1hr - $100
Subsequent Infant (0-6 yrs) sessions are 30 Min  - $55
Children older than 6 receive 1 hr sessions and adult/family package prices applies.

Babies or children with Torticollis, Plageophaly, TOT's (Tethered Oral Tissues - Tongue Tie)  and other issues may require a series of sessions in order to achieve the best results.  After your evaluation we will discuss a care plan that is individualized for your Child. 

Package prices after Initial Evaluation
   3 - 30 minute sessions  $125
   6 - 30 minute sessions  $230
  10 - 30 minute session   $350

Newborn Home or Hospital visits  w/ Mom & Baby  $150
This important session 1st session helps both mother and baby to release birth trauma and enhances bonding. Home and Hospital visits only available during the first 2 weeks of life and in San Diego County. 

How can CranioSacral help my child?
CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a light touch therapy that is effective in supporting the central nervous system. By supporting the central nervous system and releasing restrictions throughout the body, CST has been shown to bring profound healing.  Because it is so gentle, non-invasive and virtually risk-free, childrens of all ages can benefit from it.  It is widely recognized that the birth process can generate mild to severe center nervous system abnormalities.  CST carried out within the first few days of life can reduce a wide spectrum for health challenges.  It can also address issues with tongue-tie, torticollis, head shape, infant anxiety and colic and more.

CST is very effective for these
Infant and Childhood Disorders
Colic/Reflux and Digestive disorders
Tongue and Lip Ties
Chronic Ear Infections
Learning Disabilities/Autism
Hearing problems
Torticollis & Plagiocephaly
Lactation issues
Speech Disorders
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Failure to Thrive

***We specialize in helping Mom's and Infants with Lactation issues.

What to Expect in a Childs Session
In our office we seek to maintain a peaceful, healing atmosphere for you and your child.  Parent are frequently encourage to be on the table with their children so that the child feels safe and secure.  Children's reaction's to CST vary dramatically.  Younger children may sleep and older children may be alert and playful.  CST is very gentle and rarely causes physical discomfort.  Children with birth or other traumas may feel the need to express their feelings and may cry.   When this happens we may encourage this expression of emotions while also seeking to help them feel loved and safe.  Parents always stay in the room and participate in the child's session.  We may ask the mother to comfort feed the child on the table and continue working during the feeding.  Parents are encouraged to bring blankets and toys that that children associate with comfort to the their sessions. In general, many babies (0 - 8 weeks) will fall asleep. Crawlers up to approximately age 5 may want to sit or move during the session.  Also bringing, small toys that distract and keep them somewhat stationary can be helpful.  We do work with moving targets and accomplish as much as we can with these whirlwinds.  Older children (6 and up)are usually comfortable laying down and may relax and fall asleep.  If they have anxiety about laying down, we never force them.  Since we are working with the child, it is important that we honor what they want to do.  Occasionally, the child may feel "done" before the end of a session at that point we will allow them to get up and have their parent or caregiver use up the remaining time or add it to the next session. 

See Client testimonials below and on our FB page
Client Testimonials
I started taking my 6 month old son to Susan after 2 tongue tie releases. He, on top of other things, had some trauma about his mouth, clicked when nursing, didn't do great in his car seat, and had mild torticullis. We've been to Susan about 12 times now and I amazed by the results I have seen! He is a happier, more relaxed baby and our symptoms are nearly all resolved.
On top of providing excellent care, Susan is so loving and respectful of my son. I can tell she truly cares about us.  Kayla S.

Susan is truly a miracle worker! My daughter was a different baby after her first CST session. Looking forward to our future sessions. Tabitha R.

We brought our newborn, Chloe, to see Susan for CST after she got her tongue revised twice. Chloe was pretty traumatized from the procedure and struggled to nurse. She would not stay latched, had a shallow latch, clicked with every suck (couldn't keep a suction), and would start to choke as soon as she started nursing. We had 6 sessions in the beginning but Chloe refused to cooperate and within we
eks all the progress we had made started to unravel.
We went back to Susan for more CST when Chloe was 3 months. Chloe was much more cooperative and two months later, almost all of our issues have been resolved! It was a tough road for us, but Susan's help made a tremendous difference. It's night and day from when we started again in January! If I could do it over again, I would have kept going instead of stopping after 6 sessions until Chloe improved completely.
Thank you so much for helping us, Susan!!
Stephanie C